Medication Synchronization

Medication Synchronization

If you have multiple prescriptions to fill each month, that can mean multiple trips to the pharmacy. It can also mean missed doses if you run out of medication before you pick up the next refill.

At The Medicine Shoppe® Pharmacy, our medication synchronization service allows you to get all of your medications in one trip. Our pharmacist will synchronize your prescription refills to a day that works with your schedule. We’ll have everything ready on that day, then we’ll contact you to let you know you can stop by at your convenience.

Medication synchronization is a simple way to keep on top of your medication and give yourself more time to do the things you want to do.

Talk to our pharmacists about our Medication Synchronization and The EZ-MEDPAKs

At The Medicine Shoppe, we are always focused on helping you be as healthy as possible. That’s why we offer our Medication Synchronization and Compliance Packaging.

Our Medication Synchronization program synchronizes all of your medications to be refilled on the same day each month. No more making multiple trips to the pharmacy - pick up all your medication for the month in just one day! We also call your doctor ahead of time to make sure you always have refills available when you need your medication.

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